What are the benefits of BRITA filtered water?

Answer : Mains water is strictly controlled but it can contain carbonate hardness (limescale), for example, that impairs its taste and appearance. A BRITA water filter is an easy but highly effective way of reducing this:

The carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water is reduced. The free and bound chlorine content is reduced (if present). The lead or copper content in the mains water, which can be increased by corresponding domestic installations, is reduced. BRITA filtered water provides you and your family with the ideal basis for aromatic hot drinks such as coffee and tea; it is ideal for cooking and it is even good for your domestic appliances, protecting them effectively against limescale build-up.


How long can a cartridge be used for?

Answer : MAXTRA+ cartridge should be replaced after a consumption of 150 liters of water or 4 weeks usage. If the water consumption is greater, the lifetime of the cartridge reduces accordingly. The cartridge should be replaced after eight weeks at the latest, as the requirement for careful hygiene to ensure that you are experiencing optimum performance from your BRITA cartridge.


There are black particles in my water after filtering – what are these?

Answer : The black particles are parts of one of BRITA’s filter media, the activated carbon. The granulated activated carbon is made of coconut shells. Like each natural product, coconut shells are subject to natural variances regarding product quality. This can lead to abrasion of parts of the carbon into your filtered water. To eradicate any carbon dust which may be present, preparation of your cartridge is crucial.

Please prepare as per your cartridge instructions or see “How to prepare your cartridge”. Please be assured that the contents of the cartridge are food grade and completely harmless to yourself and if accidentally consumed will be harmless to health. Their presence will not affect the performance of the cartridge. If there are still dust or particles present after this initial preparation, then we would suggest that the cartridge is removed from the system and re-prepared by: Vigorously shaking under water, then re-install and flush through with two liters of water.


How does the MAXTRA+ cartridge work? What is hidden inside the cartridge?

Answer : The filter material of the MAXTRA+ filter cartridge contains a mixture of ion exchange resins and activated carbon that has been tested to food grade quality. The ion exchange resin used reduces the carbonate hardness (limescale) and reduces metals, such as copper and lead, can occur as a result of domestic installation. The activated carbon removes substances that may impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds (where present), organics.

The innovative MAXTRA+ FlowControl technology ensures an even water flow and consistent quality of the filter performance. For your enjoyment — every day.


The inside of the cartridge foil is damp. What can I do?

Answer : No need to worry, that is completely normal. The fact that the cartridge foil is damp or dry has no effect at all on the cartridge’s performance.


What is the best way to store BRITA filtered water?

Answer : You should ideally store your jug with BRITA filtered water in a cool place, e.g. in the fridge. You should also avoid direct sunlight and use the water within one to two days.



The filtered water by BRITA – what is the pH value?

Answer : For tap water, the pH value is 6.5 – 8.5 (medium). By using BRITA MAXTRA filter, the process of ion exchange resin can reduce the limescale and metal ion, the pH value of filtered water may be reduced; in the beginning the pH value may be at lower level of 4.5 (acidity) and gradually rise up to normal level for 6.5 – 8 (medium).

Here is providing the pH value of several beverage : Coca Cola pH2.3, lemon juice pH2.5, grape juice pH3.0, tomato juice pH4.0

Hydrogen ion itself is being slightly acidic and not harmful to human body. Currently there is no precise medical report proving that alkaline water is good to health.

Supplementary : Other brand is using sodium ion for the exchange (sodium ion is not good for heart & kidney), but BRITA is adopting Hydrogen ion for the exchange.



Do I have to boil the water after being filtered?

Answer : BRITA water filters are designed for use only with water that has been declared safe to drink according to legal regulations, such as municipally treated tap water. You can drink BRITA filtered water directly without boiling.

According to Hong Kong Water Supply Department you can drink tap water without boiling on condition that the management office of your building carries out proper upkeep procedures including regular cleansing of water storage tanks (every 6-12months), proper maintenance of inside service and frequent monitoring of water quality to maintain the original water quality standard


Can pour hot water into filter?

Answer : No. Hot water should not be filtered or poured into the jug! BRITA jug and MAXTRA filter are designed to use between 1-50⁰C


Which jugs are dishwasher-safe?

Answer : The following jugs are dishwasher-safe up to 50 degrees — except for the lid and the BRITA Memo: Marella,and Aluna. You can wash the lid carefully by hand. Only the Elemaris premium model is dishwasher-safe including the lid — except for the BRITA Meter.


What is the purpose of LTI on lid?

Answer : BRITA MEMO reminds you to replace cartridge

Simply press and hold down the start button on the lid until all four bars (100%) appear in the display and flash twice. The BRITA Memo is now set. The flashing dot in the bottom right-hand corner of the display indicates that the Memo is working. One bar will disappear each week and the remaining bars in the display indicate the remaining lifetime of the cartridge. Please remember to replace the filter cartridge every 4 weeks at the latest, as the requirement for careful hygiene to ensure that you are experiencing optimum performance from your BRITA cartridge.


I am on a potassium restricted diet-is filtered water suitable for me?

Answer : The filtering process can cause a small rise in the levels of potassium. However, one liter of BRITA filtered water contains less potassium than an apple, for example. If you have kidney disease and/or have to observe a special potassium diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using the water filter.